Forum Theatre as an activity in counselling

The career and guidance counsellors at the UU Vejle (Youth Guidance Center – Vejle) are excited to participate in the Actvise project. The counsellors believe that Forum Theatre as a method creates some strong emotional and physical experiences that are difficult to verbalize.

“We as UU tutors even worked with the method, and the experience has touched us strongly both emotionally and physically…it is difficult to describe the experience with words,” said Sine Bjerre Martinussen, a prime advocate of FT at UU-Vejle.

The counsellors had the chance to participate in the pilot testing of the course together with partners from Finland and the UK. They also participated in the FT seminar with Katrin Byréus held in Vejle last May 17.

Based on her exposure on forum theatre through her active involvement in the project, Sine Bjerre Martinussen has written an article on the use of FT in guidance counselling, and presents arguments on why she believes that FT, combined with a digital approach can help to create greater self-awareness, enhance reflection levels and strengthen action competence in risk youth so that they become better equipped to make choices in their future careers.

To read the entire article, ”Videreudvikling af Forum Teater som vejledningsaktivitet” (in Danish), click here.