Participants look forward to learning new methods in counselling

Since its start in November last year, the Forum Theatre project has generated at lot of positive responses in the partner countries from teachers, guidance counsellors and those working with young people. 

“We are pleasantly surprised at the level of interest and positive responses we got from our colleagues,” said Anne Henriksen, Guidance Counsellor at the Vejle Centre for Educational Counselling for Youth.

There is a general positive anticipation towards the training.

 “Of course, many things are at stake when one makes a decision. Young people look to the adults around them for advice:  parents, teachers, or guidance counsellors. Often, older siblings and friends also play a large role in their decision making. While it is good to get help from different people to start their process of reflection, this also means that young people are exposed to conflicting pressures, where expectations to them collide,” said Henriksen.

“I look forward to the two days at the Forum Theatre training course. I hope to acquire skills in performing   value exercises and forum theatre, and to be introduced to the promising and exciting possibilities of digital media. As guidance counsellor, I expect to learn other methods that can help young people express their dilemmas into words, while giving them the opportunity to reflect on their choices. I hope that, together with groups of young people, I can create an environment, where it is possible to play, discuss and reflect on the dilemmas they meet in the process of becoming adults. That is why I look forward to the Danish training in September,” she said.

You still have a chance to sign up for the training.

The training runs over two days; September 19th and October 31st.

You can sign up for the course by emailing Jon Chappell at or by phone on 07973 734 836