IT in FT

Using innovative technological tools the Forum Theatre project seeks to expand the possibilities of the method. E- and m-based technology can be used to enhance the forum theatre method for counselling. The mobile phone, supplemented by a closed online platform (e.g. a blog), can be used in activities designed to reinforce the learning processes of students. There must be 3 types of activities:

 The pre-activity exercise can be seen as preparation for the FT production. This could take the form of an assignment where teachers/counsellors can ask pupils to think about specific dilemmas. The themes could be about their social conditions, dream job, parents’ job, bullying, etc. The outputs can take the form of an interview with parents, taking photos of their dream job, blog on their parents’ dream for them, etc. These electronic outputs can be submitted to the teacher/counsellor via a closed learning platform where only the class members and the teacher will have access. This stage in the process will help the teacher identify the dilemma/s that will be tackled in the production itself.

The second phase, the actual activity itself is the Forum Theatre production. During this phase, the pupils actively participate in the productions. They can take photos or videos of each other, write texts, or send their comments etc.

The post-activity can be tackled in class after the production where discussions on the dilemma and their experiences can be discussed with the teacher/counsellor as a group, 2 and 2 or 3 and 3. Also discussions could take place on the closed forum, or as a combination of e-based and classroom activities. The discussions can lead to identification of new dilemmas or an expression of deeper angst, leading to stage 1 (representing a cycle).