London meeting; handbook development and planning conference

In late January 2012 the project had its 3rd partner meeting hosted by the UK partner, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The main theme of the meeting was discussing the development of the project handbook on the forum theatre method and digital media, and its form, content and production.

The meeting was very constructive and the partners left the meeting ready and eager to continue the work on the handbook materials. During this next phase they will work on written materials, film example videos, plus create a platform and the design of the handbook, which will be available both online and as a pdf/printed version.

The partnership also had a chance to attend the Take Two graduation, where mentors and mentees of the LBHF Education Business Partnerships mentor project celebrated their year on the scheme.  It was an interesting experience to see how both the mentors and the young people were enthusiastic about the relationship they had, and to hear how both groups view the process of mentoring.

During the meeting the project partners also set a date for the project’s final conference where the partnership’s results and experience will be presented and shared. The conference will run over two days, October 4th and 5th 2012, and will take place in the Europa House in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides focusing on the Actvise project, the conference will broaden its perspective to other projects and perspectives on youth work, career guidance and mentoring.

Read the program for the conference here and put the dates in your calendar now!