Producing the handbook

The partners are busy working on the project handbook. Warm up exercises and value exercises have been collected and a lot of very good examples have come out of it. The next task is to make video examples of how you can do the exercises, games, and plays with a group of young people, plus how to use digital media in forum plays with young people.

Besides that the counsellors of UU Vejle are in the process of trying out the role of the joker with classes of young people at different schools in Vejle. A difficult, but very educational process.

On Friday March 30th the counsellors were with a group of 40 pupils from the 8th grade from Damhavens School in Vejle. It was a very exciting morning with value exercises and forum plays, which the young people wrote and acted out themselves. The counsellors who facilitated the day afterwards talked about their experiences and the feedback was that the young people were willing to get into the activity when the problems and dilemmas used made sense to them. They also learned that the group should not be too big, since it can be difficult to keep the motivation and concentration up, if you are not always a hundred percent engaged in what is going on.

The first play-through of the young people’s plays were video recorded, so the pupils can work with them digitally later on.

On Friday April 13th there will be a one day course for all the counsellors in UU Vejle. They are going through all the elements; warm up exercises, value exercises, forum plays with different techniques, and the use of social and digital media. They will also learn about the project and the work that lies ahead. Anne Henriksen and Sine Bjerre Martinussen from UU Vejle will facilitate the forum method part, and Jacob Knudsen from VIFIN will take them through the digital parts, and it will be a day with plenty of practical exercises. It is important that the work of the project is spread through the participant organizations, so that all colleagues know and have tried the methods. This way it is expected that they will be inspired to use the methods and products of the project in their future work, perhaps with the project partners as expert helpers.

It has so far been very helpful to have more facilitators/jokers in a session.   For beginners there is a certain comfort that they can support and add things along the way. Furthermore it provides participants with some variation. That is why UU Vejle in the future will prioritise using several counsellors at the time when working with forum plays and use of digital media.