The FT method is spreading

The Actvise project is inspiring some of the project partners to use the forum method in other contexts and projects. VIFIN (Resource Centre for Integration), who is one of the Danish partners, is participating in a Youth in Action project called Youth Fight for Democracy.

Youth Fight for Democracy’s aim is to help young people express their views and thoughts about democracy and democratic values. This is done through mostly artistic and creative methods like exhibitions, theatre, role play and art – and in Denmark also forum plays on several occasions throughout the project.

The forum plays will be used to make the young people reflect about the themes within democracy, and help them express the values of democracy. By doing the forum sessions on several occasions during the project the hope is to track some progress and build on some of the previous experiences - thus adding to the level of reflection by the individual.

The young people in Vejle, Denmark will undertake a couple of different other activities. They will do an art course ending with an exhibition of their works, plus produce some themed videos.

In the 7 partner countries (Cyprus (coordinator), Italy, Denmark, Lithuania, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria) there will be different activities with groups of young people aged 13-18. In Denmark VIFIN is working together with the SSP (school, social authority and police) and two youth clubs, where a group of approximately 30 young people will participate.