Two professional forum theatre groups are working in Finland

In Finland there are at least two professional theatre groups who are using the forum theatre method. In Central Finland and in the Jyväskylä area a theatre group named Teatterikone has done already three “Youngsters of forum” forum theatre plays which are played in the city theatre of Jyväskylä. The first play was about school bullying, the second play was about young people, alcohol and drugs and the newest is about sexual orientation. The premiere will be in October.  A theatre group has done plays especially for high school pupils and their parents but plays have also been open for anybody who wants an insight into the life of today’s youngsters. The feedback has been very positive.  The local newspaper for example wrote: ‘Youngster of forum is really current, important and provides a great opportunity for young people to talk about their lives by using drama. That is what they need more than anything at this moment.’ Find more about Teatterikone

The other professional theatre group is called Art Sense ( They work mainly in the Helsinki area and with workers from a range of professional groups. The actors in the group are well known Finnish theatre and television actors. They use forum theatre to do examine problems in the workplace. Problems are more often results of the weak communication and leadership. They use workshops, simulations and seminars.  From Art Sense website you can read more about the scenes and dilemmas they use. A lot of their work has been with workplaces in the healthcare and social sectors, offices and restaurants. All these are more or less areas of customer service, but their work shows how the method can be used to tackle issues with all sorts of human interaction.