Experiences made with forum plays and digital media

In June the Actvise project’s partners from UU Vejle made forum plays with a group of young people age 13 to 14. Besides the ‘classic’ version with value exercises and forum plays they added the digital post-activities. They recorded the plays with mobile phones, but used external microphones to make sure the sound was optimal.

The video sequences were then uploaded to a closed account on Youtube. The young people could then in groups continue to work with the dilemmas by adding headlines and speech bubbles. After all the work was finished all videos were deleted to avoid misuse.

Counsellor Sine Bjerre Martinussen says about their experiences with forum plays so far: ‘The pupils are very easy to engage in both value exercises and forum plays. We have made a natural flow between warm-up, value exercises and forum plays – that means a natural flow between the fun and the serious parts.’  A sample itinerary for a forum session with students will be in the project handbook.  It is important to have a maximum of 3 forum plays, or else it becomes difficult for the young participants to stay concentrated and involved.

Anne Henriksen, counsellor at UU Vejle, recommends: ‘The digital work after the plays we will from now on do a couple of days after the plays themselves, as then the young people will have time to reflect on the dilemmas, and this will also resolve the issue with the length of time it takes to transfer the videos from phones to Youtube.  This can take up a lot of time if it is done during a session.’

The dilemmas which the counsellors have worked with included difficulties at school, prioritising time and peer pressure.