The project

The Forum Theatre project works to improve the competencies of teachers, guidance counsellors and mentors in motivating pupils to learn and complete the education process. To do so it incorporates the participative theatre method of forum theatre (FT) with internet and mobile phones. Together these will be used in advising young people on the problems they are facing. The project aims at improving the competencies of guidance counsellors and teachers through a combination of participative theatre and digital technology. These new methods create a higher degree of clarification, motivation and self-understanding among young people who are highly at risk of dropping out.

The activities within the Forum Theatre project is primarily targeted at teachers, guidance counsellors, mentors, and professionals engaged in advising or counselling young people about their education, vocation and future.

Using the FT method in youth counselling creates situations wherein young people are able to face their dilemmas in a safe environment. They are challenged to actively find solutions while articulating their justifications and motives. Moreover, the use of digital technology in FT will enhance the learning process and it is envisioned that this will make FT more attractive to young people.

The project is inspired by the EU Minerva-funded project, Act & Change (, which used FT method to promote cultural understanding. The Forum Theatre project is supported by the EU-LLP Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation sub-program, and is composed of partners from Denmark, Finland and the UK.