Forum Theatre kicks off in Finland

The Forum Theatre project has started very well in HUMAK’s point of view. It was great to meet all partners in Finland in Kauniainen at the beginning of November 2010. We organized together with VIFIN the first project meeting. The days were long and intensive but at the same time also very interesting and useful. After the kick off meeting we have planned our local activities. The FT project has been presented for HUMAK’s administration and lecturers and the response have been supportive and positive. We have already a little bit experience about FT because of our previous Minerva FT project. It was fantastic to get continuation for that project and expand all those best practices that we developed during that project.

We have contacted our local partners and presented the ideas about the project and training course. People have been enthusiastic. Lecturer Sanna Pekkinen took part of the FT workshop in February, which was held in Jyväskylä as a part of the seminar of youth cultures. Members of that seminar were also interested in our project. There is information about the project on our website ( both in Finnish and English so all our local and international partners and visitors of the web pages will get the information about our project.

Theatre director and lecturer Risto Ruottunen taught us FT method in Vejle when we had our second project meeting. We had fun with warm up exercises and FT plays. Risto also taught us how to do pre and value exercises as a part of the upcoming training courses. It was a very useful short course and helped us plan our local activities.  

At this moment Sanna is organizing the FT course for the students of cultural management. That will be hold in May as a part of the course of Knowledge of Arts. It will be fun, I’m sure!