Meeting up in Vejle to pilot

All the partners met up in Vejle for two days in March to work together on planning the training courses that will run later in 2011. The participants from Finland, United Kingdom and Denmark went through an intensive course of the same training the course participants will go through. They learned the basic elements of conducting forum plays by the guidance of Risto Ruottunen (FI) and got a grasp of the use of technology in the project after a presentation by Mads Bo-Kristensen and Niels Ole Ankerstjerne (DK).

While visiting Vejle the partners got to meet the mayor of Vejle Municipality, Arne Sigtenbjerggaard, who told them about the area and organisation of Vejle, and more about what they are trying to do for young people. He was excited about the project, and the effect it will hopefully have on young people in Vejle.

Picture with the mayor
The mayor of Vejle meet with project partners